Phone2 is a messaging app that gives you a real phone number (in USA, Canada, Poland, France, UK, Sweden and counting….).

That means Phone2 works just as any normal phone but it connects anywhere with internet.

Phone2’s main mission is to become the world’s internet-based phone provider. We no longer need expensive wireless plans.

We simply need mobile data, a our phone number with Phone2!


You can use Phone2 anywhere and it’s just a better experience than the standard phone. Some features include

To provide a complete secure and encrypted messaging/call experience

Multi-device sync. All files/media/messages from every conversation is stored on the Phone2 cloud. When a user logs into their Phone2 account on another device – all the conversation data automatically syncs.

Use Anywhere with internet NO roaming costs.

Our Mission

Phone2 is on a mission to have people the world over, get rid of their mobile phone service and use only internet (wifi or mobile data).

Why? Because ….

With a Normal Mobile Phone …

  • It uses cell phone towers to make calls
  • It incurs roaming charges when abroad. Or it simply has no service
  • It can send only boring picture or text messages to your contacts
  • Your phone number is held hostage by your wireless carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, et. al.).
  • When you change carriers you must go through the gruesome process of porting your number, changing devices, setup new billing information and so on. A real nuisance.
  • You can’t use your mobile phone on other devices.

But With Phone2 …

  • It needs only the internet to work (wifi or mobile data). You’re free!
  • It will never incur roaming charges. Your USA/Canada phone number works anywhere in the world
  • You can share multimedia files, videos and pictures to other users, even if they don’t have Phone2
  • It can call to any phone number in the world, even if the other user doesn’t have Phone2
  • You keep your phone number with Phone2. If you change mobile carriers, your Phone2 number stays the same.
  • It’s multi-device. You can text and call from your mobile phone or your computer.
  • All your conversation media (texts, photos, files, videos) are automatically backed up on your Phone2 cloud account. When you sign into another device, all your conversations are automatically synced.

Our Values

To provide a complete secure and encrypted messaging/call experience

Phone2 values our users’ privacy. Our architecture doesn’t even allow us to read or see any of your messages, calls, etc.

A global experience. Users can choose a Phone2 number from 5 different countries and counting …. (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Poland)