Install the Phone2 app, get a number you like, talk and text right away.
Phone2 is available on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
No. Phone2 uses your Internet connection – wifi or data. This allows you to use Phone2 anywhere in the world.
On a strong Internet connection you’ll have great call quality. We support calling using your carrier network if you have slow Internet. Learn more here.
You can call any US and Canadian phone numbers.
Yes. Your Phone2 number works everywhere you go. All you need is an Internet connection.
Yes. Phone2 calls show up differently so you’ll be able to know when you get business calls. Here is what this looks like.
Your Phone2 number. Your personal phone number stays private.
Yes. You can use your Phone2 account on multiple devices. Learn more here.
It’s $6 USD per month per phone number. Everything included.
There are none. We offer an unlimited plan with all you can talk and text.
Yes. If you ever decide that Phone2 isn’t the best phone solution for your business, simply cancel your account.
We offer local US, Canadian and toll-free phone numbers
Yes. We can port your current number to Phone2 for free. Contact our support team.
Yes, you can simply cancel the the line and sign up for a new number.
Yes. We support up to 4 phone numbers per account.