How does Phone2 works as a normal phone?

December 16, 2018
by Jerome

Yes, you read it right, Phone2 is working just like a normal phone except it works anywhere with internet! With our mobile app, you can send and receive calls and texts anywhere with internet. Which means you can use your phone number anywhere in the world without roaming.

It takes about 30 seconds to sign up for a Phone2 account. Just login through your Google or Facebook account, choose a number in your desired area code – and you’re ready! We have numbers in every area code in the US and Canada. That’s it, your Phone2 account is ready. Simple.

The Evolution of The Telephone

A few decades ago, we could depend only on landline. Then came the wireless (cell) phone. And then came VoIP (like Skype). Now fast forward to 2018 – the telephone has evolved.

The cell phone is great in that it allows us to be connected everywhere we go. But we are limited to the carrier’s cell phone towers around us. The future is to have a real telephone over the internet – that’s Phone2! Phone2 gives you a real phone number that requires only internet access (wifi or mobile data). And it’s multi-device. It’s really the last optimization left for the modern day phone. It’s the end of the evolutionary road, and we feel you’ll enjoy using it.
No more do you need to tie your phone number to a wireless carrier. Just your your wireless carrier’s mobile data and let Phone2 do the rest.

We just depend on landline phones for our main source of communications” with “we could only depend on landlines wireless plans as our main telephone system.” It means that you can make and receive calls and texts from anyone with a phone number – any phone in the world! To make it simple, it’s absolutely a normal 2-way telephone but an app. You can call to any phone number in the world, even if the other user doesn’t have Phone2. You can share multimedia files, videos and pictures to other Phone2 users. And all conversations are synced between devices and stored in the Phone2 cloud. So when you change devices, all your data is still there.

That’s why we created Phone2, it is the best alternative to the traditional landline phones and normal phones. With this latest app, you pay $6 per month. We offer better technology for less money. Since we don’t use cell phone towers it’s cheaper and everything is over the internet. And you have unlimited usage without any roaming fees.

So try out Phone2 and tell us what you think!

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