With Phone2, you can call and text directly from your browser. Line2 allows this only from your device

  Features   line2   Phone2  
   Unlimited calling minutes (U.S. and Canada)          
   Unlimited messaging (U.S. and Canada)          
   Choose a U.S. or Canada phone number   U.S. only      
   Toll-Free numbers          
   Unlimited Toll-Free Calling and SMS          
   Transfer your existing number free          
    Add/remove multiple lines          
   Apps for phones, tablets, and computers          
   Online dashboard          
   Auto attendant          
   Text and call from browser        
  * All information correct as of April, 2018          

*Phone2 provides this comparison for convenience and information-purposes only. We do not have any partnership with Line2. The Line2 logo and name are trademarks of the Microsoft corporation