Phone2 offers end-to-end encryption app

December 19, 2018
by Jerome

End-to-end encryption also is known as (E2EE) it is a system of communication that only the senders and receivers can read the messages.  Phone2 prioritized our users’ privacy, and we make sure that our users’ conversation is safe and secure. No third party, even us the Phone2 can eavesdrop and access your conversation.


Phone2 features end-to-end encryption app to prevent hackers or even cybercriminals from displaying your messages. It is our mission to provide our users privacy on top, there are lots of hackers lurking everywhere and prying on somebody’s private communication.


How does end-to-end encryption app work?

Here is a simple explanation of how does this end-to-end encryption app works. Imagine this, when you start to send a message to a specific person or group/group chat. Nobody can view your message except you and the recipient.  For you to understand how does this end-to-end encryption work, check out the diagram below. In the example, Elmer wants to send Hello to Jake in private. Jake has a public key and his own private key. The public key can be shared with anyone, but only Jake has the private key. This is where encryption takes place. First, Elmer uses Jake’s public key to encrypt the message, turning “Hello Jake” into something called ciphertext or cyphertext it is the result of encryption performed on plaintext using an algorithm, called a cipher. Elmer sends this encrypted message over the public internet. It passes through servers, including those belonging to the email service they’re using and to their USP or Internet Service Providers. No one can try to read the encrypted message, only Jake can do that with his private key when it arrived in his inbox because Jake is the only person that has access to his private key. The same process when Jake wants to reply to Elmer.

The advantages of end-to-end encryption are as follows:

Securing sensitive information.

It is important to secure users sensitive information like online bank accounts, important information that are saved on each mobile, laptops and other gadgets.


Securing users privacy and from hacks.

End-to-end encryption protects our data and information from hackers and even from the government.

Encryption and decryption of messages sent on Phone2 take place only on your device. Phone2 will not be able to read your messages or even listen to your calls, we ensure your privacy!

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