Phone2 needs only internet

Sidelines requires internet AND your cell-plan minutes to make a call. Sideline cannot operate without an expensive cell phone plan.

 Features sideline Phone2 
  Unlimited calling minutes (U.S. and Canada)     
  Unlimited messaging (U.S. and Canada)     
  Choose a U.S. or Canada phone number U.S. only   
  Toll-Free numbers     
  Transfer your existing number free Local Only   
   Add/remove multiple lines     
  Apps for phones, tablets, and computers     
  Online dashboard     
  Auto attendant    
  Text and call from browser    
 * All information correct as of September, 2018     

*Phone2 provides this comparison for convenience and information-purposes only. We do not have any partnership with Sideline. The Sideline logo and name are trademarks of the Microsoft corporation