Phone2 Works Better

If you receive a phone number from Skype, you can’t receive text messages. Phone2 allows you to send and receive calls AND texts between non-Phone2 and Phone2 users.

  Features   skype   Phone2  
   Unlimited calling minutes (U.S. and Canada)          
   Unlimited messaging (U.S. and Canada)   Incoming messages only      
   Choose a U.S. or Canada phone number   U.S. only      
   Toll-Free numbers          
   Unlimited Toll-Free Calling and SMS   incoming SMS only      
   Transfer your existing number free   Local Only      
    Add/remove multiple lines          
   Apps for phones, tablets, and computers          
   Auto attendant          
   Simultaneous calling to multiple devices          
   Text and call from browser        
   Price   $6.50/mo. (number only)   $6/mo.  
  * All information correct as of September, 2018          

*Phone2 provides this comparison for convenience and information-purposes only. We do not have any partnership with Skype. The Skype logo and name are trademarks of the Microsoft corporation